A new poll from Abacus Research shows that Canada’s Conservatives are increasingly embracing far-right hatred.

One question in the poll asked if “being gay is a choice that should be discouraged”. The poll showed that 26% of Conservatives agreed with this statement.

The results show how 1/4 of Conservative voters still hold troubling views towards LGBTQ people.

Scheer is closely connected to the religious right wing of the Conservative Party, with groups like Right Now – an anti-abortion group – praising his victory and calling him a pro-life leader.

Scheer does not support gay marriage, saying he personally believes marriage should be between a man and a woman.

Scheer also refuses to march in Pride parades, though he also claims Conservatives are more tolerant than other parties.

Scheer also voted against the 2005 legislation that legalized gay marriage across Canada. It’s been 13 years since the life-changing movement and for some reason his views his views haven’t evolved.

It’s troubling that Conservatives continue to harbour such hate-filled members within their party. If Scheer truly believes his party is welcoming, he would denounce these hateful views and strongly endorse the equal rights of LGTBQ Canadians.

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