Doug Ford and his Conservative caucus have taken en-masse to Twitter to claim credit for lowering Ontario gas prices.

Their reasoning? Ending cap and trade lowered gas prices across the province. No other reason is cited for the change in price.

PC MPPs like Sam Oosterhoff even praise Doug Ford and the Minister of the Environment for directly lowering gas costs.

Do the facts support this claim that ending cap and trade is responsible for the drop in gas prices? Not even close.

It is true that gas prices have fallen this year. But given’s Ford’s claim, we would expect gas prices to only have fallen in Ontario, since no other province undertook similar actions.

But data from Gas Buddy, a site that measures gas prices, shows that lower gas prices are not an Ontario-only phenomenon. In fact, prices are falling all across Canada.

The chart clearly shows that Ontario gas prices have fallen in lock-step with Canadian gas prices. The Conservative’s claim that gas prices have fallen entirely due to cap and trade is inaccurate and misleading.

Even more damning for Ford is the price drop differential between different cities.

The city with the largest drop in gas prices isn’t in Ontario. The data below shows that Winnipeg had the biggest drop. Toronto came in second place. Thunder Bay had the third lowest drop.

Ford’s claim that gas prices are lower due to cap and trade is not backed up by facts.

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