Doug Ford and Jason Kenney have issued endorsements of the United We Roll Convoy, formerly known as the Yellow Vests convoy, a group endorsed by prominent Canadian neo-Nazis, and who’s founders and members have embraced far-right anti-immigrant beliefs and expressed support for hate groups.

Here is the endorsement from Doug Ford:

Here is the endorsement from Jason Kenney:

The convoy organizers have attempted to distance themselves from the Yellow Vests movement by rebranding as the United We Roll convoy. But as Yellow Vests Canada Exposed has outlined in detail, the United We Roll convoy shares many of the same founders as the Yellow Vests Convoy.

The entire thread can be found here.

Anti-Hate Canada explains that Convoy organizer Glen Carritt says his group still “identifies with the yellow vests”. Another organizer Tyler Malenfant still calls the convoy the Yellow Vests Convoy on their main Facebook page.

Leading members of Canada’s far-right and neo-Nazi movement have endorsed the Yellow Vests, including two of Canada’s most prominent neo-Nazis Paul Fromm and Brian Ruhe.

Anti-Hate Canada also explains that convoy organizers have expressed support for anti-Muslim hate groups such as Canadian Combat Coalition, Soldiers of Odin, and Worldwide Coalition Against Islam.

Another far-right anti-immigrant group The Clann, who’s members recently harassed an Edmonton mosque, attended a Yellow Vests rally in Camrose.

Yellow Vests Canada Exposed has uncovered evidence that far-right, anti-Muslim media outlet Free Bird Media is with the convoy. The founder of Free Bird Media is connected to neo-Nazi Paul From, Faith Goldy and James Sears, who was recently found guilty of promoting hate.

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