While speaking at the far-right Yellow Vests Convoy rally in Ottawa, Conservative Senator David Tkachuk appeared to call on attendees to commit violence against their political opponents.

In the speech, he says “I know you’ve rolled all the way here, and I’m gonna ask you one more thing – I want you to roll over every single Liberal left in the country.”

Calls to violence by politicians have increased in America under Trump, but have not reached a similar level in Canada.

Tkachuk’s comment is especially troubling considering the history of threats by the Yellow Vests movement.

As reported by Anti-Hate Canada, Tony Green, a Yellow Vests Canada supporter, was arrested on January 28th after allegedly pointing a firearm at an off-duty RCMP officer. They seized over 100 guns and explosive materials from his house.

Another Yellow Vests Canada supporter Gregory McNeil made death threats towards law enforcement on the Yellow Vests Canada Facebook page. McNeil was previously sentenced to over five years in prison after pulling a weapon on RCMP officers in 2010.

A radio host in British Columbia faced death threats and numerous instances of abuse after he posted a tweet that was critical of the Yellow Vest movement.

Anti-Hate Canada and Yellow Vests Canada Exposed have tracked numerous death threats from Yellow Vest supporters towards Muslims and the Prime Minister.

Andrew Scheer and other Conservative members have yet to comment or respond to Tkachuk’s speech.

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