The leader of an Austrian white nationalist organization, who allegedly received a large amount of cash from the Christchurch white supremacist terrorist, was interviewed multiple times by Rebel Media and has been featured in numerous videos and stories.

Martin Sellner is the leader of the Identitarian Movement in Austria (IBÖ), a white nationalist group obsessed with “demographic replacement”, which claims Europe’s white Christian population is being systematically replaced by non-Europeans.

Demographic replacement of whites by non-whites was a major theme emphasized in the Christchurch shooter’s manifesto and is a favourite topic of white nationalists.

Sellner was interviewed at least two times by Rebel Media. The first interview was with ex-Rebel Media host Lauren Southern in 2016.

In the YouTube clip, Sellner explains his group “wants to stop what we call the great replacement of European populations by mass migration, by Islamization.”

The Christchurch shooter’s manifesto was titled “The Great Replacement”, language closely associated with the far-right term white genocide. As explained by Vox:

The common language of white nationalism is rife throughout the Christchurch shooter’s manifesto. For example, alongside Nazi imagery, the Christchurch shooter made frequent reference to the concept of “white genocide,” writing of immigration as an “assault on the European people” and adding, “This is ethnic replacement. This is cultural replacement. This is racial replacement. This is WHITE GENOCIDE.”

The second interview appears to be between ex-Rebel Media host Tommy Robinson, a leader of the British far-right movement and a frequent Rebel collaborator. A link to the video itself redirects to a page which doesn’t exist.

In a separate interview after Southern left Rebel Media, she discussed a project called “Defend Europe” with Sellner. In this discussion, Sellner urges his viewers to “take action” to “defend Europe”, saying that “just sharing and liking YouTube videos will not save Europe, will not save our identity.”

The Rebel has backed Sellner on other occassions. In March 2018 Rebel Media correspondent Victor Laszlo covered a protest over the UK’s decision to deny Sellner entry to the country. Ex-Rebel Media host Tommy Robinson spoke at the protest.

Rebel Media correspondent Jack Buckby recorded a segment on March 16, 2018 opposing Sellner’s ban. In the same video Buckby argues against the travel ban imposed by 26 European countries on neo-Nazi Richard Spencer.

Rebel Media media’s connections run deep within the far-right and Canada’s Conservative party.

Andrew Scheer’s campaign director was a director of Rebel Media. Over 25% of Scheer’s caucus have appeared on the network, including Scheer himself who was interviewed by Rebel co-founder Ezra Levant and white nationalist Faith Goldy.

Rebel Media played a major role in covering the Yellow Vests convoy, a far-right group made up of white nationalists and hate group members. Andrew Scheer and other Conservative MPs joined and endorsed the convoy.

Rebel Media is also closely connected to the Toronto Sun. Malcolm was a frequent guest on Rebel Media and hosted over 52 episodes on their YouTube account.

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