In an exchange with Minister of Foreign Affairs Chrystia Freeland, Conservative Senator Leo Housakos claimed that white supremacy isn’t a threat to Canada, and it is “disturbing” if any politician believed otherwise.

Here’s the full quote:

I would find it disturbing to believe there’s a politician in this country that believes that white supremacy is a threat to our way of life in Canada, to our communities, to our democracy.

The entire video can be watched here:

Experts note that white nationalist groups have grown rapidly in Canada, alongside a record number of hate crimes in 2017.

Housakos comments come at an awkward time for Conservatives as Faith Goldy, a far-right ex-Rebel Media host with numerous connections to Conservative MPs and Senators, was kicked off Facebook for promoting white nationalism.

Conservatives have increasingly embraced Canada’s far-right movement. Scheer spoke to the far-right Yellow Vests Convoy in February, which included white nationalists and hate group members.

Housakos was forced to issue a clarifying statement from Scheer, though he does not apologize for his comment.

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