Rod Giltaca, President of Canada’s leading gun lobby the Canadian Coalition for Firearm Rights (CCFR) compared a gun safety advocate to Nazi Joseph Geobells.

Giltaca deleted the tweet but a screenshot was preserved.

The tweet came in response to a gun activist posting a Washington Post article explaining how Canada’s gun lobby orchestrated a campaign to attack and discredit members of the Canadian Doctors for Protection from Guns, a grassroots organization of doctors working to strengthen Canada’s gun laws.

Giltaca’s comments were heavily criticized online, with users pointing out how his message diminished the 6 million Jews killed in the holaucust.

Giltaca runs the Canadian Coalition for Firearm Rights which is Canada’s leading gun lobby group. They support American NRA-backed gun policies, including:

  • American-style “Stand your Ground laws” that have proven deadly for minority populations
  • The right to carry an open or concealed gun in public; and,
  • Making AR-15s easier to access in Canada

Conservatives aren’t shy about engaging with Rod Giltaca and the CCFR. They’ve appeared in videos, attended events and sponsored CCFR petitions: