The President of Canada’s major gun lobby the Canadian Coalition for Firearm Rights (CCFR) claims that Canada’s new gun laws could result in cops unintentionally shooting and killing children.

In a video posted on the official CCFR channel, Rob Giltaca says that reclassifying dangerous assault weapons as illegal to own could result in cops bursting into people’s homes to retrieve illegal firearms and inadvertently shooting children “through the neck.”

Reclassifying weapons is a common feature of Canada’s gun laws, as certain weapons are deemed too dangerous or a threat to public safety. Gun bans in other countries such as Australia, which banned all assault weapons, also did not result in cops inadvertently killing children.

Giltaca has a history of making outrageous comments about gun safety. As reported by North99, Giltaca faced a major social media backlash after he compared a gun safety advocate to a Nazi.

Giltaca deleted the tweet but doubled down on his comment. Here is a screenshot of the tweet.

The CCFR is a radical gun lobby that support American NRA-backed gun policies, including:

  • American-style “Stand your Ground laws” that have proven deadly for minority populations
  • The right to carry an open or concealed gun in public; and,
  • Making AR-15s easier to access in Canada

Conservatives aren’t shy about engaging with Rod Giltaca and the CCFR. They’ve appeared in videos, attended events and sponsored CCFR petitions: