In the age of dangerous weather caused by climate change, governments across Canada should be preparing to combat expected increases in extreme weather.

Not Doug Ford’s government.

Areas along the Ottawa River are experiencing massive flooding, with one person dying in Quebec after her vehicle fell into a stream due to a washed away culvert.

Meanwhile, Doug Ford’s Government announced on Thursday that they will be cutting Conservation Ontario’s budget by 50%, an organization dedicated to reducing the impact of flooding.

Conservation Ontario is responsible for 36 conservation authorities who forecast flooding, regulate development activities in flood plains, educate the public about flooding, and protect natural environments and areas that reduce the impacts of floods.

Ford’s cuts come months after a report from the Intact Centre on Climate Adaptation at the University of Waterloo that pegged climate-fuelled flooding as Canada’s costliest and fastest-growing weather challenge.

As flooding increases in Ottawa, people took to social media to express outrage at Ford’s cuts.