Last year Doug Ford announced major changes to OHIP+, the program that covered prescription drugs for children and youth under 25.

Ford cancelled the program, shifting the burden to parents and forcing many to pay hundreds of extra dollars per month.

As one mother’s story shows, those cuts could have real impacts on people’s lives.

Sarah Elizabeth’s daughter suffers from type 1 diabetes. One night her child experienced a dramatic drop in glucose levels, one that could’ve killed her. .

Sarah was only notified because of a wearable device that monitors her daughter’s blood glucose levels. Without that notification, her child could have died from Dead in Bed Syndrome, a term used to describe sudden deaths of young children with type 1 diabetes.

But Sara is at risk of losing her monitor due to Ford’s recent cuts to OHIP. Her benefits will no longer cover the device and she could be forced to pay hundreds of extra dollars she can’t afford.

It’s part of a larger set of cuts to OHIP coverage initiated under the Ford government.

Here’s the full story along with Sarah’s Facebook post:

Just about to settle into bed for night and I hear Briers dexcom alarm sounding an urgent low. 3.2 and quickly dropping.

I had just tested half hour prior (10.2 great night time number) and I would not have tested again til our regular night check at 3 am. She may not have survived til 3 am.

She had an unexpected and unexplained sudden drop. (This happens… could be growth, stress, sickness ) Without the dex, we legitimately could have lost her. No lie or exaggeration. Please Google night time lows for me, and T1D. It’s scary. They call it “Dead in Bed Syndrome.” Simply horrifying.

But now due to #dougford ‘s changes to OHIP+ our benefits will max out at $2000/yr we will not be able to afford the Dex. (It is $360/month for sensors and $380 every three months for transmitter)

Her monthly costs for insulin, test strips, pokey refills will average up to $400+ month. And no, the pharmacist told us when we max out, it’s ALL out of pocket, despite what we heard on news.

Thank you to #dougford for making it nearly unmanageable for me to keep my child alive… and all you that voted him in at the cost of our healthcare, education and environment. Shame on you. #fuckdougford#stopdougford

Just about to settle into bed for night and I hear Briers dexcom alarm sounding an urgent low. 3.2 and quickly dropping….

Posted by Sarah Elizabeth on Thursday, April 11, 2019

Sarah took to social media to thank everyone for the concern and for sharing her story.

Thank you to each and every one of you for sharing and donating!! Brier has surpassed her goal and is already setting it…

Posted by Sarah Elizabeth on Saturday, April 13, 2019

This is just another example of how Ford’s cuts are putting people’s lives at risk.

Demand a public inquiry into Ontario long-term care