On a recent trip to New York, Doug Ford granted an interview to Trump propaganda outlet Fox News while controversy swirled in Ontario about Ford’s treatment of Canadian media.

The controversy began when reporter Cynthia Mulligan pointed out that Ford’s trip included Ontario News Now, the government-funded propaganda outlet setup by Doug Ford when he became Premier.

Ford’s Press Secretary took to Twitter to respond, claiming Ford’s team had given numerous media advisories notifying Canadian outlets about the trip.

Reporters took to Twitter to set the record straight.

Robert Benzie from the Toronto Star pointed out that Ford’s team gave no notice to the media until the night before Ford left.

Allison Jones from Canadian Press asked Ford’s office on Friday about their Monday plans. The trip was not mentioned.

Other reporters rightly pointed out the absurdity of the situation.

This follows a similar pattern for how Ford treats the media.

In March Ford pointed out that social media allows him to circumvent journalists and the mainstream media. In a fundraising email in April, Ford attacked the media, claiming that they were “mocking” him and his supporters.

In an echo of comments made by Donald Trump, Ford called the media the official opposition in response to reporters questioning his appointment of close family friend Ron Taverner to head the OPP.

All of this fits a pattern we see across the world from right-wing leaders who disdain and attack the free press in favour of their own state-funded propaganda channels.