Andrew Scheer has had an “impeccable voting record on life and family issues” during his time as a politician, says one of Canada’s leading anti-choice groups that aims to criminalize abortion.

The Campaign Life Coalition (CLC), a political lobby group founded in 1978, gives Scheer a rating of “supportable” on their website, indicating that he has the highest rating possible when it comes to voting for pro-life issues.

According to the “Public Policy & Legislation” section of the CLC’s website, their main objective is to work “at all levels of government to secure full legal protection for all human beings,” — in other words, fully criminalize abortion. CLC Vice-President Jeff Gunnarson was even more explicit, telling Maclean’s he wants abortion laws similar to the 1960s when abortion was banned across Canada.

Back in 2017, the CLC took credit for signing up more than 11,000 new members to the Conservative party ahead of Scheer’s election as its leader. “The results of the race demonstrate the strength of the social conservative movement and importance of pro-life and pro-family voters,” they said in a statement after Scheer’s victory.

The CLC, which is based in Toronto, has also made Ontario a target province in which to ramp up anti-abortion organizing. The organization’s top choice for Ontario’s provincial leadership in June’s election was Tanya Granic Allen, who was removed from PC Party candidacy after a 2014 video surfaced of her making homophobic comments.

Tanya Granic Allen — along with her anti-choice backers — went on to endorse Doug Ford, with many pundits claiming Ford only won the election due to Granic’s support. For his part, Doug Ford promised anti-choice activists he would act to defund abortion.

For its part, anti-choice organization RightNow has also backed Andrew Scheer. In a strategy memo, RightNow co-founder, Alissa Golob assured anti-choice activists that Scheer had a “perfect voting record” on abortion issues and would not act as Stephen Harper had by not re-opening the abortion debate.

With Andrew Scheer even more indebted to the anti-choice movement than Ford, we can only imagine what promises he has made to anti-choice activists.