Doug Ford’s government announced yesterday that it would be effectively cutting wages for over one million Ontario workers including nurses and teachers.

The move freezes public workers’ wages at 1% increase per year — half the 2% inflation rate, resulting in a real cut of around 1% per year.

Over one million Ontario workers will be impacted by the wage cut, including teachers, nurses, Children’s Aid workers, and more.

Ford justified the wage cut as necessary to reign in spending. But Ford’s latest budget gives corporations $3 billion per year — nearly $60 million per week — in the form of subsidies, tax handouts, and loopholes.

The Ford government has claimed that “everyone is in this together”, but it’s increasingly clear that their agenda is to redistribute money from workers and ordinary Ontarians to big corporations and the rich.

With Ford already cutting healthcare and education along with wages, many are wondering whether $60 million sent to corporations every week would be better spent on services like healthcare.

Demand a public inquiry into Ontario long-term care