In a strongly worded message shared on social media, actor Kiefer Sutherland, grandson of Saskatchewan Premier Tommy Douglas, criticized Doug Ford and Lisa MacLeod for using his grandfather’s legacy to justify massive cuts to social services.

MacLeod published a story in the Financial Post claiming Douglas would have supported the Ford government’s cuts because he opposed debt.

Sutherland pointed out that while Douglas was “fiscally responsible”, he did so “never at the expense of social and human services to those in need.”

Sutherland called it “offensive” that Ford would compare his government’s policies to Douglas.

He further requested that Ford “stop posting his picture and using his name as part of (Ford’s) political agenda.”

Sutherland finished his statement saying “I knew Tommy Douglas, and you Sir, are not Tommy Douglas.”

The entire message from Kiefer Sutherland can be found below.

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