It’s no secret that Conservatives in Canada don’t support Pride month – they refuse to march in the parades and engage meaningfully with LGBTQ communities. Andrew Scheer just announced he will not march in any Pride 2019 parades. Doug Ford has never participated in Pride and this year will be no different. They do, however, have time to meet with far-right media groups and figures. Here’s just a few of the unsavoury characters Ford and Scheer have made time for in recent years.

Doug Ford and Faith Goldy posed together at Ford Fest

During white nationalist Faith Goldy’s campaign for mayor of Toronto last fall, Premier Ford posted a photo with her and her supporters at Ford Fest, an annual free BBQ hosted by the PCs that some have alleged is funded by taxpayers. After calls from those in his own party to denounce Goldy and apologize for the post, Ford refused. “Ford and Goldy aren’t identical, but if you ask her and other white nationalists, they’re on the same side in a fight for a new Ontario,” said journalist Davide Mastracci in a piece for HuffPost.

Andrew Scheer participated in a far-right Yellow Vest march

In February, Andrew Scheer attended a rally in Ottawa organized by United We Roll, an anti-pipeline group that is linked with the group Yellow Vests Canada, a noted hotbed for xenophobia and racism. Scheer spoke at the rally on the same podium as Faith Goldy, stating that he and his party were “standing with” the group. He promised in his speech to eliminate the carbon tax and Bill C-69, which deals with environmental assessments. Several of the organizers of the convoy have expressed support online for anti-Muslim hate groups, like Soldiers of Odin, the 3-percenters, and several others.

Ford met with alt-right author Jordan Peterson

Despite the Ford government neglecting to post a public daily schedule of the premier’s activities, CBC was able to confirm through a Freedom of Information Request that he met with Jordan Peterson in January. Ford met with Peterson “to discuss free speech on Ontario’s university and college campuses,” shortly after Peterson publicly called on Ford to abolish the Ontario Human Rights Commission.

Peterson has been criticized for his views on a range of issues, notably gender equality and women’s rights. In the past he has called for some form of “enforced monogamy”.

Ford held a PC fundraiser attended by high-profile lobbyists

Tickets to a $1,250-a-plate fundraising dinner hosted by the Ontario PC Party were sold by several prominent lobbying firms, with sources saying senior aides to Ford had been personally shaking the trees — after office hours — encouraging lobbying firms to be “team players” and sell tickets to the premier’s keynote speech.