After more than a year of waiting for Andrew Scheer to release his climate policy, the Conservative leader finally revealed his party’s position on what many Canadians now rank as their number one issue.

There was just one minor problem: it’s almost exactly the same as Doug Ford’s.

Similar to Ford’s subsidies for polluting corporations, the centrepiece of Scheer’s policy is big tax handouts to encourage corporations to “innovate”.

Rather than forcing polluting corporations to pay penalties that are then transferred to people, Scheer will eliminate the penalties and allow corporations to keep the money.

That would amount to a transfer of more than $5 billion per year from Canadians to polluting corporations each year by 2023.

Rather than punish corporations who pollute and force them to clean up their own mess, Scheer and Ford are both offering corporations huge subsidies.

The Conservative “climate” policy has nothing to do with ending the climate crisis, and everything to do with redistributing even more money from ordinary people to the richest corporations.