In an exclusive story reported first by North99, Donald Trump Jr has retweeted a video from Rebel Media’s Keenan Bexte, a online blogger who helped run a white supremacist web store.

In the video, Bexte accosts the first Muslim woman American senator, in an attempt to discredit America’s use of concentration camps housing asylum seekers at the US border.

The video retweeted by Trump Jr was initially shared by Caleb Hull, a conservative operative who was recently ridiculed for his tweet on student loans.

Bexte also worked for Conservative MP Bob Benzen. Bexte’s connection to the white supremacist web store was uncovered by Ricochet.

Bexte has a history of controversial comments. He defended an ally of UCP leader Jason Kenney, who compared the Pride Flag to the swastika.

Bexte led a motion at the Conservative convention to end birthright citizenship. This policy ensures those born in Canada receive Canadian citizenship. Bexte also expressed support for Trump’s move to end birthright citizenship.

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