Ontario’s new Minister of Labour following Doug Ford’s cabinet shuffle supports Republican-style “right-to-work” policies designed to destroy unions.

Monte McNaughton, the new Minister, has said that Ontario has “lots to learn” from right-to-work states. Most experts agree and studies show that right-to-work policies reduce wages and threaten worker protections.

In the United States, right-to-work laws ban mandatory union dues, even for workers who benefit from union protections. This opt-out ability cripples unions and prevent workers from effectively bargaining for wages and benefits.

Right-to-work policies in the U.S. are pushed by the National Right to Work Committee, which has connections to the Koch brothers, via outdated and flawed information to advance the policy. The group claims to be a “worker advocate,” but an examination of its press releases issued between 2003 and 2005 showed no reference to any attempt to improve benefits or working conditions for workers

MPP Catherine Fife said the Tories’ right-to-work plan “is essentially a right to work for less pay, fewer benefits and less safe (working) conditions.”

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