After the announcement of Andrew Scheer’s climate plan last week, many publications and groups have expressed their disapproval for the plan. Here’s a list of different organizations that have denounced the PC plan over the past week.  

The Globe and Mail: “It’s nothing more than a sad joke”

An opinion piece by national affairs columnist Gary Mason asserts that the Conservative climate “plan” is a fraud and decries Scheer’s motive to scrap the national carbon tax. 

“Climate change is the greatest threat the world has faced since the rise of Nazism in the early part of the last century. Given the importance of this issue, given the havoc that will be unleashed if nothing is done, how depressing it is to realize that this sham of a document is the best the Conservatives could do,” he wrote. 

Clean Prosperity: “Andrew Scheer’s plan is going to cost Canadians more

Progressive think tank Clean Prosperity published a press release with a run-through of why Scheer’s climate plan misses the mark. “By repealing the carbon tax, Andrew Scheer is taking away the best and lowest cost way to fight climate change.  It’s like trying to build a house without a hammer,” said Michael Bernstein, Executive Director of Canadians for Clean Prosperity.

Maclean’s: “Scheer’s goal is not to find the best plan to meet Canada’s climate targets

Senior writer for Maclean’s Paul Wells penned an op-ed about Scheer’s target audience for the climate plan, which is voters who simply don’t care about climate change. “I assume Scheer’s Conservatives will win the votes of only the most woefully confused environmentalists in Canada, if even those. Their target market on this issue is voters who don’t care,” he said. “Scheer’s goal is not to find the best plan to meet Canada’s climate targets. It’s to fill a 60-page climate position paper with everything he can think of that isn’t carbon taxes.”

The National Post: “Conservative climate change ‘plan’ is really more of a prop”

The Post’s Andrew Coyne wrote a piece about Scheer’s misplaced priorities. “Of course the point of the plan wasn’t so much to say what the Tories would do, as what they wouldn’t. And what they won’t do, if you were wondering, is a carbon tax. The “Real Plan” is not intended to be a serious policy proposal. It is, essentially, a prop, a “plan” the Conservative leader can wave about during the election campaign when the Liberals demand to know “what’s your alternative.”

The Regina Leader-Post: “It is not clear that Scheer knows what he is talking about”

Journalist Jim Harding speaks to the proven benefits of a federal carbon tax in his opinion piece criticizing Scheer’s plan. “It is not clear that Scheer knows what he is talking about. His plan is an insincere shell game, perhaps only intended to convince the true believers in his base that the Conservatives actually have a climate plan,” he writes. 

“All studies show that it is most effective and less disruptive to price carbon throughout the economy, so perhaps Scheer will soon catch up with the science. But don’t count on it, because Scheer doesn’t seem able to count emissions accurately.”