North99 has found that Facebook carried ads from the Canadian Nationalist Party, a neo-Nazi group that is attempting to recruit members in order to register as an official political party.

As documented by the Canadian Anti-Hate Network, the Canadian Nationalist Party is led white nationalist Travis Patron. Patron has released videos calling for Jewish people to be “removed once and for all” from Canada. Posting on their Facebook page, the party promised to “cure” Canada of Jewish people.

The Nationalist Party also holds bigoted views towards Muslims — Patron claimed “[he hasn’t] ever come across a Muslim that doesn’t support Sharia law” — and people in the LGBTQ community, saying that “a society that celebrates homosexuality is a society that will soon no longer exist.”

The Nationalist Party’s Facebook ads date from June 2019 — several months after Facebook announced it would no longer permit neo-Nazi and hate groups to use its platform. As of publication the ads were still accessible in Facebook’s ad archive.

The ads urge people to sign declarations of membership with the party. In order to register as an official political party in Canada, the group must collect 250 members. The Facebook ads appear to be designed to help the group reach this threshold. Should they acquire party status, donors will be entitled to generous tax credits for their contributions — in effect subsidizing neo-Nazi hate with Canadian tax dollars.

We reached out to Facebook for comment on this story, and have yet to hear back. We will update this story with their response should we receive one.

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