Almost 60 per cent of Ontario agree that Doug Ford and his administration are corrupt and hire too many cronies, says a new poll from Corbett Communications.

The survey of 936 voters was conducted between July 9 and 10 — a little over two weeks after Dean French resigned as Premier Doug Ford’s chief of staff — and saw 63 per cent of respondents say the government has doled out appointments to too many cronies, with 57 per cent agreeing with the statement that the Ford government is corrupt.

Among Conservative voters, 10 per cent believe that to be true, the poll found; almost 30 per cent of PC voters “agree too many cronies have been hired” and “disagree the departure of French has solved the problem.”

The new survey comes amid a string of bad polls for Ford and the Ontario Conservatives. His government’s budget has proved deeply unpopular, with almost 70 per cent saying Ontario has the money and should not be cutting back on services that help the vulnerable, the poll found. Among Conservative voters, about 40 per cent feel the same.

Another poll by Corbett Communications indicates that more and more Ontarians think that the policies of the Ford government make them less likely to vote for Andrew Scheer’s Conservatives in the fall federal election. The results of the poll say close to four in ten Ontarians will vote for the federal Liberals in October, compared to about one third who will vote Conservative.

“These findings indicate that Doug Ford and his policies continue to be a growing impediment to a Conservative electoral victory in this province in October,” said John Corbett, founder of Corbett Communications.

Despite the Liberals dropping to only seven seats in provincial parliament after last June’s election, the current PC government is currently tied with the Liberals and NDP for support. Just a quarter of those surveyed think Ford can fix things before the next election, with more than half saying that’s impossible.

Recent polling has also suggested that if the election were held today, Ford would not win a majority, with a CBC polling analyst calling Ford’s disapproval rating “unusually high” for a first-term premier.