Queens Park Today is reporting that major PC Party donors have featured prominently in Ontario News Now videos, a taxpayer-funded outlet created by the Ford government to promote their government.

Since October, five different businesses have been featured in Ontario New Now videos. Owners of these companies or people directly associated with the companies donated to the PC Party or PC riding associations.

The first company reported by media outlets was Pelee Island Winery whose President Walter Schmoranz donated $1,050 on February 26 and $1,000 on July 12 to the PCs. Two weeks later, Ontario News Now published a video of Ford encouraging people to purchase their wine.

Social media users are now calling for a boycott of the winery.

Other companies featured in Ontario News Now videos with executives who have donated to the Conservatives include:

  • Curtainsider Inc. and Dutch Mill Gardens who appeared in a video on July 26.
  • Patriot Forge on April 1.
  • Automatic Coating Ltd on October 24, 2018.

The videos feature friendly tours of the facilities with no disclosure that individuals associated with these companies donated to the PC Party.

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