As the federal election gets underway, many pundits speculate that the debate could centre around how to fight climate change, specifically, whether Canada should continue placing a price on pollution.

A new poll sheds light on this debate, with pollster Mainstreet Research finding that over 85 per cent of poll respondents agree that corporations should have to pay to pollute. This includes 69% who strongly agree.

While the issue appears to be contentious in public debates, Canadians seem to overwhelmingly agree that those who pollute the planet ought to help fix it.

Even in Alberta, where opposition to a carbon tax and fighting climate change is generally higher, 75 per cent of Albertans agree that corporations should have to pay to pollute.

Mainstreet also asked the costs associated with fighting climate change. Just under 68 per cent of respondents agreed that there’s a collective moral duty to future generations to not destroy the environment further, even if it means paying more taxes in the short term.