Anti-union organization LabourWatch, which was recently in the news as part of a story on anti-union organizing at A&W, includes organizations from some of Canada’s most influential business and restaurant advocacy groups.

LabourWatch is an employers organization who’s sole purpose is to protect employers from unionization within their workplace. Their site includes steps on how to decertify a union, how to cancel a union card and how to file an unfair labour practice complaint. They also have a robust legal team in place to quash unionizing efforts before they get off the ground with lawyers from such firms as McCarthy Tétrault.

In late June, LabourWatch held a conference in Toronto focused on teaching anti-unionizing tactics to the attendees – which included representatives from McDonald’s and A&W Canada.

Restaurants Canada, which calls itself “the voice” of Canada’s fast food industry, is one of LabourWatch’s member associations, and one Restaurant Canada executive sits on LabourWatch’s board of directors.

Other member associations of LabourWatch include the Canadian Federation of Independent Business, the Retail Council of Canada and the Independent Contractors and Businesses Association. 

There does not appear to be a full membership list on any of the groups.

LabourWatch has been intimately involved in undermining unions across the country, including lobbying against mandatory union dues and strongly advocating for Bill C-377, a law that would’ve placed onerous financial reporting requirements on unions. More information about LaboutWatch’s anti-union activities can be found at All About Work.

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