Many pundits and political experts like to claim that the abortion debate in Canada is settled. But a new story from Huffington Post shows exactly how Conservative MPs could re-open the abortion debate.

In a HuffPost article published on Monday, August 26th, Andrew Scheer’s Quebec lieutenant Alain Rayes was caught misrepresenting Scheer’s position on abortion. Rayes claimed backbench MPs wouldn’t be allowed to re-open the abortion debate.

Scheer has expressly said that his government would not re-open the abortion debate, but MPs are free to introduce private members bills. Anti-choice activist group RightNow, which is nominating anti-choice candidates across the country, also stated in the HuffPo story they believe Scheer only meant cabinet ministers would not introduce anti-choice bills.

Beyond the concerning problem of Scheer’s team saying one thing in Quebec and the rest of Canada, this issue illustrates how Scheer can say one thing but standby as anti-choice Conservatives begin to chip away at women’s access to reproductive health.

Groups like RightNow, trained by Republicans in the US, are mobilizing across Canada to elect anti-choice candidates. They’re organized and winning nomination battles across the country. With enough anti-choice candidates elected as MPs, they could tip the balance of power in Parliament.

Scheer still opposes abortion and has made no indication he would vote against a private members bill if it were introduced.

Canadians cannot remain complacent in the face of a concentrated and targeted campaign by anti-choice activists and politicians who tacitly enable them.