Conservative hypocrisy strikes again.

Jason Kenney is currently travelling America pitching Alberta as a destination for foreign investment, while his government conducts a high-profile investigation into foreign funding of Alberta’s environmental movement.

In a campaign-style video released on social media, Kenney explains his trip and calls on foreign groups like hedge funds, private equity firms to invest and “come back to Alberta.”

The timing comes at an awkward moment for Kenney as he ramps up his rhetoric against the perceived issue of foreign funding in Alberta’s oil sector.

Experts have pointed out foreign funding is rampant in Alberta, with the government providing opportunities for foreigners to invest in Alberta.

Another social media user pointed out foreign-funded businesses like Enbridge appear to be running their own campaign to persuade Albertans.

Albertans have taken to Twitter to voice their displeasure over Kenney’s actions.

Recently the world-renowned human rights group Amnesty International criticized Kenney’s energy war room, saying it “undermines and violates a range of Alberta’s human rights obligations, under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and international law.” Kenney announced he would use government resources to create a rapid response “war room” to counter attacks on Alberta’s oil industry.

Kenney has faced escalating controversies over how he’s dealt with protestors and free speech. A PressProgress story highlighted how Kenney believed jailing of protestors was “instructive” on how to deal with environmentalists.