It just keeps getting worse for Andrew Scheer.

On Sunday Scheer unveiled his biggest policy yet, what his campaign called a Universal Tax Cut for Canadians. It was supposed to be a centrepiece of his election platform.

But just like the previous week, Scheer’s message was overshadowed by other events. This time it was the awkward juxtaposition of using a teleprompter while meeting with a Canadian family.

Social media users were quick to pounce, pointing out the lack of authenticity in his campaign.

As Twitter users pointed out, the use of a teleprompter was itself not necessarily problematic. Every politician uses them during events. But the use of one while meeting with a family appeared odd.

Twitter user Asif Hossain also pointed out that Scheer’s major argument about fighting elitism is undermined when he requires a teleprompter and a scripted message when meeting with Canadian families.

This event follows a tough week for Scheer where he refused to apologize for a 2005 speech in the House of Commons comparing gay marriage to dogs and promised not to fire controversial candidates as long as they apologize for their past statements.

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