People are scratching their heads at the latest decision by Canada’s Debates Commission.

The Commission announced they will extend an invite to Maxime Bernier to appear at the officially-sanctioned election debates, while at the same time refusing to hold a debate climate change, an issue that polls say is the number one concern for Canadians.

After finishing 1.9% behind Andrew Scheer for leader of the Conservative Party, Bernier abandoned Scheer and formed the People’s Party of Canada. Bernier has gone on to embrace far-right elements within Canada’s society, denouncing immigration and diversity and lashing out at critics over Twitter.

Story after story has shown how white supremacists, neo-Nazis and the far-right are flocking to Bernier’s party. Some even became official party organizers.

Recently Bernier made international coverage for ridiculing climate activist Greta Thunberg for being autistic.

The decision by the Debates Commission comes months after they ignored requests to host an official climate change debate. North99 along with many other activist groups presented a petition signed by 50,000 Canadians asking for a debate specifically about climate change.

The seriousness of this issue hasn’t gone unnoticed in other elections.

Recently U.S. Democratic presidential candidates participated in a climate town hall with CNN. Many of candidates called on the Democratic National Committee to host a climate-specific debate. MSNBC is hosting its own climate debate to coincide with the upcoming global climate strikes scheduled to take place around the world.