Ford and his Conservatives are facing backlash for appearing at a ribbon-cutting ceremony for a private American university, while slashing public education funding, firing teachers and increasing class sizes.

Niagara University in Vaughan began operation earlier this year on January 21st. Tuition at the university costs over $30,000 per year. The ribbon-cutting ceremony took place on September 15th.

Critics pointed out Ford was only too happy to appear at a private university but won’t appear at any public school.

The announcement comes at an awkward time for Ford who has slashed education funding, resulting in massive teacher layoffs and a reduction in available classes. Stories from across Ontario continue to trickle in as teachers discover they no longer have jobs.

Many students say they are being forced to delay graduation because they cannot take the required course load.

Ford’s problems could get even worse. CUPE education workers voted 93% in favour of a strike mandate and could begin action as early as the end of the month.

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