Canadian journalists are finally catching on to the fact that Andrew Scheer and his Conservatives have a loose relationship with the truth after multiple misstatements and bald-face lies.

On Sunday, September 1st, Scheer tweeted that UK convicted child murder Jon Venables might be moving to Canada. The allegation was false and the UK government issued a statement denouncing the rumour.

On Tuesday, September 17th, the Conservatives were forced to delete two tweets after they mistakingly alleged Trudeau was under RCMP investigation. Scheer also suggested the same thing in an interview.

On the same day, a Burnaby Conservative riding association posted a fake quote from Rick Mercer. Mercer issued a statement denouncing the post, which was eventually removed. Conservatives claimed the doctored post was a joke.

Finally, Conservatives accused Justin Trudeau of consorting with Faith Golfy, in a clumsy attempt to draw attention away from Scheer’s many connections to her.

The Liberals quickly denied the allegation and pointed out Scheer’s many connections to Goldy and the far-right Rebel media.

Journalists have been hesitant to call out misstatements. But after this month, more are questioning sheer volume mistruths and factual errors and how it undermines Scheer’s credibility.