Doug Ford’s decision to underfund public education is increasingly appearing like a boon to private, for-profit education in Ontario.

Ford’s education funding cuts have resulted in fewer teachers, bigger class sizes and class shortages. Many students have said they’re unable to take the necessary courses required to graduate and attend post-secondary education.

Now it appears private schools are capitalizing on Ford’s education system chaos. Allison Smith from Queens Park Today reports that Blyth, a Yorkville-based private school, is taking advantage of Ford’s cuts by advertising private school courses on social media.

Taking a class at Blyth isn’t cheap and will run families $2,695 plus a $1,000 registration fee.

The opposition NDP has raised the alarm of increased privatization of Ontario’s education system. They point to a report issued by the government that indicates more privatization could planned:

The report recommends that Ontario move to “alternate arrangements for funding” for education, including “providing funding to individuals, who can then choose their service providers through a form of market activity.”

Ford’s decision to cut $854 million from education is to blame for class shortages as fewer teachers are hired and classroom sizes balloon out of control. It’s estimated cuts will result in 3,475 fewer teaching positions over four years.

Ford faced criticism recently for attended a ribbon-cutting ceremony for a private American university. Critics pointed out Ford was only too happy to appear at a private university but hasn’t appeared at any public school.

Teachers unions are in the midst of negotiations with the government and experts speculate a strike action by non-teaching education staff and teachers could happen sometime this fall.

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