Ontario is slated to lose over 10,000 teachers over the next 5 years due to Doug Ford’s changes to Ontario’s education system.

A new report by the Financial Accountability Office of Ontario estimates that 994 elementary and 9,060 secondary teaching positions will be lost.

The report also estimates that this year alone there will be 2,826 fewer teachers in Ontario due to larger class sizes due to changes in Ontario’s student to teacher ratios.

Ontario will have fewer teaching positions due to Ford boosting class sizes and enacting mandatory online courses.

Class sizes are increasing in grades 4-8 from 22 to 28 students. Ford’s government says high school class sizes are 22.5 this year but the report indicates the number is actually higher.

Class sizes and fewer teachers are a result of Ford’s massive $851 million plan to phase out teacher over the next four years.

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