After months of obfuscation and misdirection, Andrew Scheer has finally confirmed that he is personally anti-choice and opposes the right of women to have an abortion.

The news came after numerous questions during the TVA French debate and afterwards from reporters.

Ever since Scheer’s leadership victory he has avoided answering questions about his personal views on abortion.

Scheer has maintained throughout his time as leader that regardless of his personal opinions, his government would not re-open the abortion debate.

But questions continue to be raised about Scheer’s commitment to protecting a woman’s right to choose. Scheer has promised to allow free votes on issues like abortion, which could open up the possibility of restrictions if enough MPs vote for it.

Anti-abortion groups who backed Scheer’s leadership are mobilizing across Canada to elect anti-choice MPs. Grassroots advocacy group RightNow is working to elect 50 anti-choice candidates across Canada with the purpose of overturning Canada’s abortion laws.

According to an interview in Catholic Register with the head of RightNow, the goal of the group “is to get 170 pro-life MPs in total (out of 338 ridings) to hold the balance of power and bring abortion legislation to Canada.”