Four years ago, Canadians threw the Conservative Party out of office in a decisive show of disapproval. Voters overwhelmingly rejected a government that prioritized austerity over investment, corporate profits over climate action, and secrecy over transparency.

Far from changing since then, the Conservative Party under Andrew Scheer has become, if anything, more extreme and right-wing. On issue after issue, their views are out of step with the vast majority of Canadians.

With election day right around the corner, here are 33 reasons why you should not vote for Andrew Scheer:

1. Climate inaction bordering on climate denial

Andrew Scheer has promised to eliminate pollution pricing, the mechanism by which Canada is set to achieve most of its emissions reductions. Experts say the Conservative climate plan would actually increase Canada’s GHG emissions. That is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to how Scheer could exacerbate the climate crisis. 

2. $53 billion in cuts

Scheer has promised $53 billion dollars worth of cuts.  (Fun fact: that’s the same size as British Columbia’s entire annual budget). 

Cuts of this size would be virtually impossible to achieve without touching spending on healthcare, education, infrastructure, and pensions — the areas where most of our federal dollars go. Doug Ford promised the same thing as Scheer, and we know how that turned out in Ontario.

3. His Campaign Chair is the former director of Rebel Media

Andrew Scheer has questionable ties to the far-right fringes. His long-time friend and campaign director, Hamish Marshall, was a former director of Rebel Media. The far-right outlet is infamous for its extremist views and content. Here are just a few examples: (1) (2) (3)

4. He is bought and paid for by ‘Big Oil’

The Conservative climate plan closely mirrors the policy wish-list of Canada’s largest oil and gas lobby.  It has also been revealed that the Conservative campaign chair’s company was taking money from the same lobby group to spread misinformation about climate change.  

5. Scheer’s connections to Faith Goldy

Scheer has appeared on talk shows hosted by Faith Goldy. The far-right commentator has a history of promoting and defending neo-Nazis. Despite many conservatives (and even Rebel Media) disowning Goldy after her coverage of Charlottesville, Scheer appeared at the same event with her this past February.

6. He opposes a woman’s right to choose

On October 3, Scheer finally admitted he is anti-choice and doesn’t believe a woman should have control over their own body. Anti-choice groups have long viewed him favourably. 

7. 67 of his candidates were endorsed by an anti-choice group

Scheer has promised not to re-open the abortion debate, but his candidates have made no such promise. 67 of them were endorsed by the Campaign Life Coalition, a group that backs anti-choice candidates. One candidate running under the Conservative banner opposes abortion even in the case of rape or incest. 

8. Scheer has a history of scapegoating refugees

The Conservative Party leader has a history of fuelling anti-refugee rhetoric. He has copied Trump-style attacks on refugees, manufacturing a fake border crisis and implying refugees present a public safety threat. Scheer has even evoked Trump’s favorite bogeyman, the MS13 gang, to justify his views. 

9. Scheer could build his own detention camps

When asked about how he would stop refugees fleeing Trump, Scheer didn’t rule out the use of detention camps. This is the same tactic used by Trump to house refugees fleeing to American from Latin America.

10. He is personally against same-sex marriage

Scheer has a long history of anti-LGBT views. In a now-infamous 2005 speech, he made bizarre comparisons between same-sex marriage and a dog’s tail. He has refused to apologize for those remarks after being pressed multiple times. 

11.  His dishonesty and lack of transparency

Andrew Scheer has repeatedly exhibited his inability to be honest with Canadians. He lied about his work history as an insurance salesman and hid the fact that he was an American citizen.  

Scheer has also had a shaky relationship with the truth, using false claims to hammer his political opponents. He also has a singular aptitude for avoiding answering questions, taking responsibility or making apologies for his actions. Here’s just one example…

12 . He could work with Conservative Premiers to rip up the constitution

Should Andrew Scheer become the next Prime Minister, he could be able to pass amendments to the constitution. The 7/50 rule dictates that amendments must have the support of 7 premiers making up over 50% of Canada’s population. With Doug Ford and Jason Kenney’s victories in Ontario and Alberta, the Conservatives now reach the threshold to amend the constitution. Things like LGBT and reproductive rights could be in danger with an Andrew Scheer government. 

13. He would re-open tax loopholes for the rich

The Conservatives are promising to re-open a loophole that allowed multi-millionaires to dodge taxes. When the Liberals closed this loophole, he mislead Canadians into thinking it was an issue about small businesses. 

14. Scheer addressed the controversial “Yellow Vests Convoy”

In February, Scheer addressed a controversial Yellow Vest Convoy, with many members of hate groups in attendance. Though they claim it is their opposition to taxing pollution that unites Canada’s yellow vests, they do have a penchant for parroting Islamaphobic and anti-immigrant conspiracies. 

15.  He opposes national pharmacare

The Conservative Party is the only major political party in Canada that is opposed to a national pharmacare program. Despite two-thirds of Canadians supporting the idea, Andrew Scheer continues to oppose it. 

16. Conservative housing policy could trigger a real-estate crash

Andrew Scheer’s housing strategy relies largely on incentivizing people to take on unaffordable debt to buy houses. Moreover, Scheer is planning on removing safeguards that are meant to control the unpredictable housing market. Experts have warned that these policy changes increase the risk of triggering a 2008-style real estate market crash. 

17. Scheer plans to ram through pipelines with no consent

He has reiterated that he will “assert federal jurisdiction” to fast-track pipeline projects. That’s a fancy way of saying he plans on forcing pipeline projects through, regardless of opposition. His proposed ‘energy corridor’ could also see pipelines forced into jurisdictions where they are not popular, like Quebec. 

18. He opposed lowering the retirement age

Stephen Harper had increased the retirement age from 65 to 67. When the current government moved to lower the age back down, Andrew Scheer voted against it. 

19. He refuses to march in Pride parades

Andrew Scheer has a history of not attending Pride parades. Even though all major party leaders attended this year, there was one notable exception: you guessed it, Mr. Scheer himself. 

20.  Scheer would loosen gun laws

In a now-hidden platform pledge, Scheer pledged to slash gun regulations. Some of the promises Scheer has made include, canceling expanded background checks and ending tougher purchasing rules. 

21. He stood with Doug Ford through his cutting frenzy

Despite Doug Ford’s cuts to education and healthcare being hugely unpopular, Andrew Scheer refused to stand up to him. Instead, he reiterated his support for Ford by saying they were working towards the same goals. 

22. The Conservatives will cut taxes for the rich

Andrew Scheer’s so-called “Universal Tax Cut” is a secretive way of passing tax cuts for the wealthiest few. His proposed changes to the tax system will see families making over $200,000 a year reap the largest benefits. 

23. His Conservative MPs are climate deniers

Conservative MPs are the odd ones out when it comes to climate science. Blaine Calkins, claimed the “climate has always been changing”. Then there’s the Conservative MP who thinks cannabis smoke is a bigger threat to humanity than GHG emissions. 

24. Scheer attended the same secret meeting as a Trump strategist

Trump administration officials, oil and gas executives, and Andrew Scheer all met at one secret strategy session. There are also questions about several Trump strategists working on Scheer’s campaign which he has refused to answer.

25. He won’t fire a bigoted, Islamophobic candidate

Ghada Malek is the Conservative candidate for Mississauga-Streetsville. She’s extremely controversial because of her strong anti-LGBT, anti-immigrant and Islamaphobic views. She was so problematic that the Ontario Conservatives barred her from running under their banner. Andrew Scheer, on the other hand, finds all this acceptable. 

26. The Conservatives plan to gut Canada’s foreign aid

Scheer plans to cut our foreign aid by 32%, including funding for disaster relief aid to humanitarian initiatives. He claims that this money is going to well-off countries and authoritarian regimes, a claim that has been debunked.  

27. Andrew Scheer is a copy of Doug Ford

From his talking points to his plans to cut public services, Scheer is just like Doug Ford.

28.  He can’t even act normal around people

Just take a look at the video

29. He is helping spread conspiracy theories about climate activists

Scheer and many in his party are perpetuating a conspiracy theory that argues “foreign-funded radicals” are being paid to come and block pipelines. It’s not true.

30.  Scheer promised to stand by candidates that make racist/homophobic comments

After multiple incidents of his candidates making racist and homophobic comments, Scheer said he would stand by them

31. One of his candidates is best friends with Faith Goldy

Remember Faith Goldy? The white nationalist talk show host. (See #5). One of Scheer’s candidates was seen in a video talking about how Faith Goldy is her best friend. 

32. Another of his candidates wants to make AR-15s easily purchasable

The AR-15 is the gun of choice for school shooters and mass murderers alike. Why this Conservative MP wants to make them more easily accessible is beyond most Canadians. However, if you look at the bigger picture you can see this is only a part of a larger strategy to weaken Canada’s gun laws. 

33. The Conservatives would scrap the Clean Fuel Standard

The clean fuel standard demands big fuel companies produce increasingly cleaner energy products. This is a critical part of Canada’s plans for tackling climate change. Scheer sees it as a “secret fuel tax” (it’s not) and has promised to scrap it