Speaking with reporters after his first post-election caucus meeting, Scheer received a question he’d been avoiding for months. The question was pointed, “do you believe that being gay is a sin?”

Much like throughout the election campaign, Scheer sidestepped the question. His answer was vague and rehashed his usual response that he “respects the rights of every single Canadian.”

Scheer’s refusal to provide a clear answer, once again, reveals his discomfort with discussing his views on LGBTQ people.

His past opposition to same-sex marriage became an election issue when a video surfaced showing Scheer comparing gay marriage to a dog’s tail.

Despite saying his views had evolved since then, Scheer refused to apologize for his bizarre comments. He was asked multiple times throughout the campaign, and each time he refused to provide an apology.

Even prior to the campaign, Scheer had a difficult time providing clear answers to questions regarding his socially conservative views.

It doesn’t take a genius to put it together. Scheer has held bigoted views about LGBTQ people. He refuses to apologize for those views. And he refuses to clarify whether he still holds these views. All said and done, it’s hard to believe that his views have indeed ‘evolved.’