Calgary football fans are no fans of Jason Kenney and his Conservative party.

After being announced as a featured guest at the Grey Cup finals match, Jason Kenney was mercilessly booed by event attendees.

A video of the booing can be found below:

The embarrassing welcome for Kenny comes at a controversial time for the Premier and his Conservative party as they face massive backlash across Alberta and Canada.

Last week his party bulldozed a controversial election law changes through the legislature that fired the independent elections officer investigating Kenney’s party for potential election violations.

Kenney’s recent budget included massive education public services cuts, and increased handouts of public tax dollars to massive corporations and their foreign owners.

Kenney’s Conservatives have been accused of stoking separatist sentiments across Canada by tacitly promoting and supporting the idea that Alberta would be better off as a separate country. Kenney claims his party doesn’t endorse separatism, but three of his Conservative MLAs were recently caught attending a conference featuring a pro-separatist speaker.

Conservative Premiers have faced massive blowback across Canada for austerity economics and cruel cuts targeting vulnerable citizens. Ford has been booed at multiple public events, including the Raptors victory celebration rally and the opening of the Special Olympics Youth Games in Toronto.