Jason Kenney’s “energy war room” is officially up and running.  The organization was created to fight back against what Kenney perceives as a foreign conspiracy to landlock Alberta’s oil and gas. More simply put, it is an outlet to attack and suppress environmental activists and those who care about fighting climate change. 

With the centre now open, a reporter was invited to check out their work. The discussion was eye-opening.

Global news anchor Dallas Flexhaug sat down for an interview with Tom Olsen, the CEO of the so-called war room. Olsen, a former UCP candidate, landed the $200,000 job after failing to get elected in the provincial election

During the interview, Olsen said something he might come to regret. Take a look at the exchange for yourself.

While explaining the war room’s strategy, Olsen states “we are not about attacking, we are about disproving true facts.”

Flexhaug also grills the CEO on the $30 million going to fund the centre and their immunity from freedom of information laws.

Now, it’s unclear whether Olsen had a Freudian slip, or he was just being honest with the audience. Either way, the two are not all that different. 

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