In what is increasingly looking like a challenge to existing safe injection sites in Alberta, Postmedia columnist Rick Bell and Conservative Premier Kenney launched a broadside assault on impoverished drug users.

Study after study has shown that safe injection sites save lives by preventing more deaths. But that hasn’t stopped Canada’s conservatives from continuously attacking them.

Bell’s column claims locations with safe injection sites are “Scary places. Threatening places. Ugly places.” He also claims they cause “social disorder and crime up the ying-yang.”

Kenney took to Twitter to cite a study that claimed a rise in social disorder, even though many people claimed the study was misleading.

The comments come as Kenney promises to move or potentially end some safe injection sites in Alberta.

In response, social media users are standing up for safe injection sites and calling out Kenney and Rick Bell’s attacks on the most impoverished in society.

Jason Kenney and Rick Bell are misleading people about safe injection sites. Instead of doing something to address the opioid crisis, they have chosen to dehumanize those affected by it.

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