During a trip to meet with American business leaders, Ontario Premier Doug Ford revealed his personal leanings in regards to U.S. politics.

The Premier confessed to the crowd of corporate executives that he “loved listening to the president.” CTV reports he even appeared to endorse Donald Trump for President. “We hope the election’s going to turn out the right way. Literally the right way” said Ford. In the past, the Premier has suggested that his support for the recently impeached Donald Trump is unwavering. 

When asked about Bernie Sanders, he testified that he found his ‘socialist’ policy ideas to be “scary.” Sanders is proposing a single-payer healthcare system, something akin to what Canada already has in place, and many other policies that are normal in Canada and in other non-socialist European countries. 

The Ontario Premier also found time to criticize House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for ripping up Trump’s speech during his state of the union address.

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