Roughly 840,000 Canadians have signed petitions calling on both federal and provincial governments to suspend rent and mortgage payments amid the coronavirus crisis.

Various groups, including North99, Leadnow, and Acorn Canada, have been calling for increased support for Canadians struggling to keep their homes. Today, they sent a joint letter to Canada’s Prime Minister and Premiers, which included the nearly one million signatures of the Canadians who had signed their various petitions.

The COVID-19 pandemic has put a huge financial burden on Canadian households – with many losing jobs or their income. Canceling rent and mortgage payments would “help absorb the economic shock and stop the spread of the virus.”

In Italy, the government has instituted a large-scale debt moratorium, putting mortgage and other debt payments on hold as the country struggles with the fallout of COVID-19. In Canada, British Columbia’s NDP government has announced measures to financially assist renters who are feeling the squeeze. 

No other jurisdiction in Canada has offered similar supports specifically for renters. 

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