Rookie Conservative MP Derek Sloan is taking aim at Canada’s Chief Public Health Officer, Dr. Theresa Tam.

In a social media post, Sloan called for the removal of Tam and implied that she has been servile to “Chinese Communist propaganda.” Attached to the post is a video, wherein Sloan asks “Does she work for Canada or for China?”

In a separate email, the MP for Hastings-Lennox and Addington employs nearly identical rhetoric to Trump and his far-right allies. He alleges that the World Health Organization (WHO) serves at the behest of the Chinese government and points to Tam’s engagement with the WHO as proof of her subservience to a “foreign entity.”

Sloan also accuses Tam of “dutifully” repeating the “propaganda of a CCP government.” This accusation has been parroted by other Canadian Conservatives as well.

Canadians have been quick to point out the xenophobic undertones in Sloan’s rhetoric.

The MP’s personal attacks on Canada’s top public health expert during a pandemic have not gone unnoticed by his own constituents either.

While Sloan is calling for the firing of Dr. Tam, many are now calling on Conservative Party leader Andrew Scheer to take some disciplinary action against his party member.

However, Andrew Scheer himself has voiced similar opinions to those of Trump and Sloan.  

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