Jack Mintz, a close economic advisor to Jason Kenney, is taking heat for insensitive comments he made regarding the recent Nova Scotia mass shootings.

In a now-deleted social media posting, Mintz trivialized what is likely the deadliest mass killing in Canada’s history and downplayed the threat of COVID-19. Mintz notes how it is interesting that the “rampage started with attendance at a party.” The economist jokingly notes “So much for social distancing?”

A screen shot of the now-deleted Tweet

Jason Kenney named Mintz as a member of his Economic Recovery Council, tasked with guiding Alberta through the economic fallout of the COVID-19 pandemic. The Kenney government’s corporate tax cut policy was also based off the economist’s work. Mintz also sits on the board of Imperial Oil and is a frequent contributor to Postmedia and the Fraser Institute.

Earlier this month, Jack Mintz also backed up Kenney’s attempt to undermine the Health Canada drug approvals process.

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