This morning, Prime Minister Trudeau announced a nationwide ban on a range of assault-style firearms. “Effective immediately, it is no longer permitted to buy, sell, transport, import or use military-grade assault weapons in this country,” said the Prime Minister.

It did not take long for the Conservative Party of Canada (CPC) to attack this decision. Andrew Scheer, the CPC Leader, called the decision “wrong” and accused the government of pushing an “ideological agenda.” Peter MacKay, a contender to replace Scheer, also put out a video expressing his outrage over the decision to ban military-grade guns.

The Conservative Party has long fought against any attempts to restrict firearm regulations in Canada. Scheer himself had plans to loosen Canada’s gun laws, reduce background checks, and empower Canada’s gun lobby. In 2018, a North99 exclusive revealed that one former Conservative Party Executive was also actively working as a lobbyist for gun groups.

These “pro-gun” sentiments are not exclusive to the Party’s top brass either. Conservative MP Bob Zimmer attracted controversy for pushing to make AR-15s easier to purchase in Canada.

While the Conservative Party consistently argues that they represent the interests of gun-owners, a new poll actually shows that 45% of Canadian gun owners support an assault weapons ban. Canadians as a whole are overwhelmingly supportive of the ban. According to the poll, roughly 80% of Canadians support a ban on assault weapons, with 65% expressing “strong support.”