Conservative Party leader Andrew Scheer is calling for a reduction in the Canada Emergency Response Benefit. He believes such a move would “encourage and incentivize people to re-enter the workforce.”

The emergency benefit was put in place to aid laid-off workers impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. As it stands, the benefit provides $2,000 a month to out-of-work Canadians.

Scheer’s statement, while not as vocal, mirrors other right-wing politicians’ demands to ‘re-open the economy.’ Conservative MP Marilyn Gladu has called for an end to social distancing and preventative measures, saying it is time for the public to “get back to work.”

Most notably, in the United States, tensions are rising as the Trump administration and Republicans have pushed for an end to COVID-19 containment measures. One Texas Republican has even outright suggested that the elderly must be sacrificed for the economy.

Official numbers show that more than a million Canadians lost their jobs in March, with millions more taking a hit on their regular income.