Derek Sloan, the Conservative MP for Hastings-Lennox and Addington, is once again mired in controversy. In a virtual town hall with Canada’s leading gun lobby group, the Canadian Coalition for Firearm Rights (CCFR), Sloan unveiled his gun policy should he become the Conservative leader.

Unsurprisingly, Sloan vows to repeal the new assault weapons ban – something which all leadership candidates have promised to do. However, Sloan plans to go further than just that. The leadership candidate proposes the following changes to Canada’s gun laws:

·       Making handguns a non-restricted weapon by removing the “restricted category” altogether.

·       Relax laws on shooting people in self defence

·       Permit the sale of silencers

·       Consider ending magazine restrictions introduced by Prime Minister Mulroney

You can view the full video of the town hall here.

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