Derek Sloan – the Conservative leadership candidate that made headlines for his xenophobic attacks on Dr. Theresa Tam – is back. With anti-racism protests growing across the United States, Sloan has released a statement giving his two-cents.

His take is, unsurprisingly, unoriginal. Once again, he is copying talking points coming out of Trump’s White House.

Sloan is vowing to designate “Antifa” as a terrorist organization. The Conservative MP also commended Donald Trump for his response to the wave of protests..

Antifa – short for anti-fascist – is a protest movement that emerged in the wake of the white supremacist “Unite the Right” rally.  Donald Trump announced on Sunday that he is designating Antifa as a terrorist organization – a move that itself makes little sense since Antifa is an amorphous movement rather than an organization.

For years, the far-right has used Antifa as a bogeyman to justify their own reprehensible actions. Trump’s scapegoating of this group of protestors was a stepping stone to his threatened invocation of the Insurrection Act to quash peaceful protests with military force.

It’s one more example how Conservative politicians like Derek Sloan want to import Trump’s far-right ideology into Canada.  

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He says he wants to “take back Canada” echosing Trump’s rhetoric. We cannot let that happen