Tarek Fatah, a Toronto Sun columnist, is once again spreading anti-Muslim vitriol and fake news.

The columnist was caught spreading a false story about U.S. Congresswoman Ilhan Omar. He accused Omar’s son of being “arrested in [a] Minneapolis Antifa raid.” The story itself is taken from a “satirical site,” that openly admits their stories are fictional.

Fatah also attacked Montreal Muslims – calling them ‘Jihadis’ – while accusing them of trying to “cash the BLM movement and push their Islamist agenda.” He also rants about Muslims “using” Jewish and Sikh people.

The Toronto Sun columnist offers no proof to back up his conspiracy theories.  The story he uses to corroborate his allegations is a CBC article detailing a protest against Quebec’s Bill 21. Within the article, there is no mention of Black Lives Matter.

Fatah has a history of pushing false stories that often target Muslim people. For instance, following the Quebec mosque shooting, Fatah falsely claimed that the shooter had a Muslim accomplice – suggesting the attack was not borne out of the assailant’s white-supremacist motivations.

For years, the Toronto Sun has given columnists like Fatah free reign to spread their hate-filled rhetoric and conspiracy theories. On occasion, their fear-mongering and bigotry has created an environment where real violence has been used against their stories’ targets. 

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