Our benevolent Premier is now on the second week of his two-month long “summer tour” across the province. The tour, Ford says, is “to thank Ontarians and the many businesses across this province for stepping up” and definitely has nothing to do with scoring photo-ops while campaigning for re-election!

The Premier spent last summer cooped up to help the Conservatives’ chances at winning the federal election, so it’s only fair he gets to do something fun this year, right? However, since Ontario taxpayers are footing the bill for Doug’s tour, I thought it might be fun to see exactly what he’s up to!

Rewarding (his friend’s) Businesses

A big part of the tour is indeed ‘thanking businesses.’ Actually, from what we’ve seen so far, that’s pretty much all of it.The Premier has been making his way across Ontario, stopping by different businesses while his team creates social media clips of each visit. The video clips come off as part advertising for the business and part campaign ad for the Premier.

A lot of these businesses deserve the praise they’re getting from the Premier. They’re people and places that have stepped up to produce PPE, hand sanitizer, and other much needed pandemic supplies. Really, it’s Ford who benefits from pictures with them.

Hidden between the campaign stops are some questionable choices. Take for instance, Sun Brite Foods Inc. Doug Ford stopped by their cannery and even released one of those advertising videos for them. 

Ford praised them for their amazing feats of “practicing physical distancing” and using “sanitizer stations.”

Coincidentally I’m sure, it turns out some of the founders of Sun Brite are maximum donors to the Progressive Conservative Party. You know, the same party that Doug Ford is the leader of. Obviously it’s just a coincidence! 

Ford also stopped by Mastronardi Barbering for a trim into a political sideshow. It turns out the Mastronardi family are big donors to the Progressive Conservative Party.

But at least his Conservative government has a solid plan for getting kids back to school and parents back to work, right? At least our COVID-19 cases continue to drop despite the rushed re-opening of bars and indoor malls? Right? Right??

Wrong. Ford has no plan to re-open schools and our COVID-19 cases are actually the highest they’ve been since June. While the bars are open, the cases are increasing and Ford has no plan for helping struggling parents when the school year rolls around in September. 

The Premier should spend less time visiting his donors on the taxpayer dime and more time focusing on Ontario families and the troubling rise of COVID-19 cases.

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