Who We Are

North99 is an independent non-profit dedicated to building a progressive Canada. Our contributors and supporters include progressive people across Canada united by a concern about rising inequality and the increasing influence of the far-right.  We are a volunteer-run organization funded by hundreds of grassroots supporters giving small donations. Our volunteer group has changed over time as more people have gotten involved – if you’d like to get more involved, please send us an email.

From fighting for Sears employees who lost their pensions, to outing American influence in Canadian far-right groups, to going after the super-rich, we talk about the stories that matter to our community.

In a short period of time, we’ve grown into the most active online progressive group in the country.

We are transparent in our funding, updating our members at regular intervals each month. We currently generate just over $1,200 a month from our supporters. All that money is cycled back into paying for website hosting, our email service and video and graphic software.

If you have any more questions about North99, please contact Geoff at hello@north99.org And we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Why We Exist

Radical right-wing groups like Rebel Media are the most popular YouTube news channel in the country, more than all other mainstream media outlets combined. White supremacists groups like the Canadian Nationalist Party and La Meute are gaining traction with larger and larger rallies across Canada. Inequality continues to increase in Canada, with wages flatlining and the rich getting richer.

We decided we couldn’t sit on the sidelines. Progressives need a voice to counter these hate-filled groups.

North99 was created to oppose these groups and bring together like-minded Canadians who support policies and ideas like diversity, inclusion, equality, and progress. We use the power of social media to push issues that matter to our community.


How is North99 funded?

North99 is a registered Canadian non-profit entirely funded by donations from individual Canadians. You find more information about us at Corporations Canada. Unlike far-right groups, we do not receive any funding from large organizations, corporations or foreign donors.

As of March 1st 2018, we generated just over $1,200 per month from our supporters and members. North99 is currently a volunteer-run organization – we don’t take a salary or pay anyone fees to work on North99. If our membership base continues to grow, we plan to expand into other areas, like running a podcast or hiring more permanent staff.

Our largest donation was just over $250 from a very generous supporter. Our average donation is $12, mostly from members who contribute monthly. We cannot thank our members enough for contributing to North99.

Is North99 associated with any political party?

No, our community is made up of all types of Canadians – what brings us together is our commitment to fighting for bold progressive change.

Many people who are involved and contribute time to building North99 have been involved in politics in some form, from actual political organizations to nonprofit advocacy groups. Some of our contributors and members have supported the NDP, the Liberal Party, and the Green Party. North99 does not support or endorse any political party.

Our issues cross partisan lines. For example, we continue to advocate for the provincial and federal government to intervene for Sears workers who lost their pensions. We’ve called on the Ontario provincial government to fix rules that allow corporations like Nestle to take water from local communities. And we’ve called for the federal government to fix Canada’s tax system to favour average Canadians instead of the super-rich.

If North99 isn’t associated with a political party, why do you go after right-wing groups?

In America, the UK,  in Europe and across the world, far-right movements are gaining a foothold and influence. Here in Canada, right-wing American groups are secretly influencing our political system – we think this is wrong.

One of the beliefs that brings our community together is the danger posed by the rise of the far-right. We will not apologize for calling out groups and individuals that align themselves with these ideas.