This Journalist Debunks Conservative Hypocrisy About Refugee Families Fleeing Trump

Andrew Scheer has decided his 2019 path to victory relies on demonizing asylum seekers fleeing Trump. Scheer and his team have pushed a non-stop narrative that there is a Canadian border crisis. This is of course nonsense. While more asylum seekers have fled to Canada, according to Statistics Canada, there has been month-over-month declines. But … Continued

Trump Ambassador Lobbied Britain on Behalf of Jailed Rebel Media Contributor

Media outlets are reporting that Trump’s Ambassador for International Religious Freedom Sam Brownback lobbied Britain on behalf of jailed Rebel Media contributor Tommy Robinson. According to Reuters, Brownback raised the case of Tommy Robinson in June, and threated Britain that if they didn’t treat Robinson more respectively, the Trump administration would publicly criticize Britain’s handling of the situation. Robinson … Continued

Radical Far-right Religious Groups Cheer Ford’s Decision to Cancel Sex-ed Curriculum

Doug Ford’s decision to cancel Ontario’s sex-ed curriculum was cheered by anti-abortion, anti-LGBTQ groups and radical religious groups across the country. Campaign Life Coalition, a far-right anti-abortion group, thanked Doug Ford and Lisa MacLeod for cancelling the curriculum. Campaign Life Coalition is Canada’s leading anti-abortion group, who oppose gay marriage, access to abortion and previously critized Ontario’s … Continued

This is How Cancelling Sex-Ed Will Hurt Ontario Students

Doug Ford decision to cancel sex-ed has been met with anger and confusion by Ontarians. The decision was made as part of a promise by Ford to radical social Conservatives, in exchange for their votes during the Conservative leadership race. Ford eventually won that race with backing from Tanya Granic Allen, a radical religious organizer … Continued

This Housing Expert Debunks Ford’s Dog-Whistle Attack on Refugees Fleeing Trump

In what can only be the start of Doug Ford’s dog-whistling to far-right supporters, Ford blamed families fleeing Trump for the housing crisis facing Toronto. NEW: statement from Premier Doug Ford. “The Federal Government encouraged illegal border crossers to come into our country.This has resulted in a housing crisis, & threats to the services that … Continued

American-Funded Fraser Institute Advocating for Republican Right-To-Work Laws in Canada

A new article published by the Fraser Institute, and receiving heavy rotation with Facebook advertising, calls on the Canadian government to institute right-to-work laws, which have decimated labour unions throughout the United States. Right-to-work laws are a misnomer. They are laws used to “tilt the balance towards big corporations and further rig the system at … Continued

Stephen Harper Joined Gingrich, Giuliani to Deliver Speech to Ex-Terrorist Organization

Stephen Harper recently spoke at a Paris event staged by MEK, a group once listed as a terrorist organization in the US and Europe. Harper was joined by Donald Trump’s personal lawyer Rudy Guiliani and former Republican Speaker of the House of Representatives Newt Gingrich who also spoke at the event. Proud to stand up … Continued

Doug Ford’s Parliament Assistant For Education Opposes Sex-Ed, Gay Marriage, Supports Literal Interpretation of Bible

Doug Ford has named Sam Oosterhoff Parliamentary Assitant to the Minister of Education. Oosterhoff is a controversial choice for the role, given Ford’s promise to cancel Ontario sex-ed curriculum. Oosterhoff is a well-known critic of sex-ed, who aligned himself with the religious far-right to a contested Conservative nomination battle. Far-right religious fundamentalists argue Ontario’s revised sex-ed … Continued

Betrayed? Harper Secretly Meeting Behind Canada’s Back With Trump White House

CTV News reports that Stephen Harper is secretly planning to visit the Trump White House on July 2nd, a day after retaliatory Canadian tariffs are set to kick in. It is unclear why Stephen Harper is meeting the White House at this time. Harper did not inform the Canadian government or the Canadian embassy, as per … Continued

Fraser Institute Using Koch-Backed Professor to “Educate” Canadian Journalists

An American professor hired by the Fraser Institute to “enhance the economic knowledge” of journalists is closely connected to America’s far-right, including the Koch brothers. Tawni Hunt Ferrarini is a senior fellow at the Fraser Institute, where she teaches a program called Economics for Journalists. The program offers journalists the opportunity to learn “how economics can … Continued