Fact Check: Doug Ford’s Conservatives Are Lying About Low Gas Prices

Doug Ford and his Conservative caucus have taken en-masse to Twitter to claim credit for lowering Ontario gas prices. Their reasoning? Ending cap and trade lowered gas prices across the province. No other reason is cited for the change in price. Today in North Bay … this is what happens when Ontario removed the Cap … Continued

New Poll Shows 26% of Conservative Supporters Think “Being Gay is a Choice That Should be Discouraged”

A new poll from Abacus Research shows that Canada’s Conservatives are increasingly embracing far-right hatred. One question in the poll asked if “being gay is a choice that should be discouraged”. The poll showed that 26% of Conservatives agreed with this statement. Views on homosexuality have changed over time. Most regret the history of discrimination. … Continued

This Twitter User Debunks Andrew Scheer and the Fraser Institute by Using Basic Math

We all know the Fraser Institute can’t be trusted when it comes to simple math. But apparently, no one told Andrew Scheer. The Fraser Institute released a report claiming Canadians lost any wage increases due to higher rates of taxation. Of course, anyone with any shred of intelligence knows the Fraser Institute cannot be trusted, … Continued

Conservative MP Embraces Climate Change Denial, Questions if CO2 Causes Global Warming

Conservative MP Blaine Calkins, in front of a class of grade 7 and 8-year-olds, told students that science was still unclear on whether CO2 is a pollutant that contributes to global warming. Here is the video from CBC. In the clip, Calkins says the following: “And whether or not you think carbon dioxide is pollution or … Continued

Fact Check: Ford’s Proposed Legislation Will Open The Greenbelt to Private Developers

After promising during the election campaign to protect Ontario’s Greenbelt, Ford is is reversing his promise and opening up the Greenbelt for development Ford understands opening up the Greenbelt is incredibly unpopular, which is why he took to Twitter yesterday to attempt to shut down the media reports. I was clear during the campaign. I … Continued

Fact Check: Former Conservative Cabinet Minister Debunks Scheer’s Immigration Lies

Stephen Harper’s former Immigration minister Chris Alexander has accused Andrew Scheer of lying about the UN Global Compact on Migration. Scheer opposes signing the UN Global Compact on Migration, a non-binding agreement on how countries around the world can work together to solve immigration issues. Scheer claimed that by signing the UN Global Compact on … Continued

Doug Ford Uses Trump-Style Language to Attack The Media

Doug Ford is invoking language similarily used by American President Donald Trump to attack and discredit the media. In a media scrum on December 4th, Doug Ford referred to the media as the “official opposition” rather than the Liberals or NDP. In the same sentence, he called them “the media party”. Here is the recording … Continued

Ford’s Environmental Plan Gives Polluting Corporations a $400 Million Government Handout

Doug Ford’s long-awaited environmental plan leaves Ontario families shortchanged by hundreds of millions of dollars. Announced yesterday to much fanfare, Ford’s plan focuses on incentivizing polluting businesses to become more environmentally friendly. The program is called The Ontario Carbon Trust and is a $400 million fund handed out to big corporations who reduce their emissions. The … Continued

Ford previously hosted event with man who claimed gender identity is like believing “the world is flat”

This weekend Ontario Conservative members voted at their convention to ban teaching about gender identity and transgender people in Ontario schools, effectively denying the existence of an entire group of people. Certain Conservative members claim the policy isn’t binding and Ford may not act on it. But Ford’s history with controversial professor Jordan Peterson may … Continued

Stephen Harper grants interview to ex-Breitbart writer accused of influencing Quebec City mosque shooter

Stephen Harper has granted an interview to Ben Shapiro, a far-right personality and ex-Breitbart writer whose content was avidly consumed by Alexandre Bissonnette, the Quebec City mosque shooter who murdered 6 worshippers and injured nineteen others. Shapiro is a well known far-right online personality and also hosts his own show on Fox News. Shapiro often helps spread conspiracy … Continued